About us

IULIUS RL Constanța, compan​​​​y Romania, is a private company established in 1994, for the purpose of providing engineering services and underwater works at the port maritime facilities and to the equipment specific to the offshore industry of oil and gas exploitation.

In the activity of 25 years, with investments in the latest technology and equipment, he has performed complex underwater works, coordinated by experienced technicians and managers.

IULIUS RL has significant experience in the implementation of modern technologies, and through the company's policies it has been pursued the implementation of high-performance technologies, in conjunction with the permanent training of the labor force, in order to raise the quality of the services, that are certified by international bodies, and accredited by the Romanian Naval Authority.

The company's services are carried out in a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly manner, in accordance with Lloyd's Register ISO 9001: 2015 certificates; 14001: 2015 and SR OHSAS 18000: 2008. They are licensed by Lloyd's Register and by the Romanian authorities for underwater works and underwater inspections, on ships and naval installations. We also have the certificates of the Romanian authorities for naval engineering services, research and development in the maritime spectrum.