MRV: Monitoring, reporting and verification

Monitoring, reporting and verification of CO2 emissions from maritime transport.

General information


To reduce emissions from shipping, the European Union (EU) has introduced the Navigation Monitoring, Reporting and Verification Regulation (MRV), which is designed to collect CO2 emissions data based on the fuel consumption of ships.

The implementation of these regulations represents a significant challenge for compliance with conformity rules, for shipowners and operators. In this regard, it is essential to carry out data collection and independent verification. It was called by the industry to reduce any associated administrative burden and to provide transparency to the process. We are here to make the compliance process as simple and transparent as possible.

Our solution

Iulius RL is a third party accredited verifier for EU MRV and a recognized organization (RO) for DCS IMO. When you submitting us the data, we may perform the necessary checks and verification procedures and issue the relevant certificates to be kept on board for inspection by the port control State.

DOWNLOAD Management statement on impartiality policy and conflict of interest avoidance.

DOWNLOAD Management statement regarding the policy in the field of greenhouse gas emissions checks.