Maintenance and repair work

In the field of maintenance and repair, we collaborate with maritime and river shipowners, or owners of port installations and marine equipment.

The repair and maintenance works on ships, on hydro constructions, on marine equipment and installations, as well as, on offshore, gas and oil exploitation and transport systems are performed with the latest generation equipment, satisfying the needs of the beneficiary.

​The personnel used in these activities are considered highly qualified and trained in the accomplishment of the works, both at the offshore and at the port installations.

In order to execute works, our company is experienced and equipped with adequate resources to be able to perform all activities to an acceptable HSEQ standard.

For a good collaboration, our team will accept a periodic control and supervision of the work from the contracting company, in order to maintain the quality standards imposed, throughout the work, until the end.

The staff is carefully trained on the national and international law and all the necessary measures regarding the security and protection of the environment are taken into consideration, regardless of the contract entered into.

​We have dedicated staff, responsible for identifying potential hazards.
We establish appropriate safety measures.

We check and evaluate periodically our staff.