Onshore and offshore diving services

We offer a full range of services including non-destructive control, engineering, maintenance and repairs, on ships, dive port facilities and hydro-technical constructions.

Underwater works in inland waters, ports and maritime exclusive economic area

  • Underwater video inspections of port structures and equipment;
  • Wreck salvage and submerged structures;
  • Repair of port installations and hydro-technical constructions;
  • Dam and structure repairs by epoxy coatings;
  • Explorations in protected areas and archaeological sites;
  • Assembly of hydrotechnical elements for dams and hydrotechnical constructions for the construction of the banks;
  • Installation of floating pontoons in ports;
  • Underwater inspection work on ships, barges and other floating industrial installations;
  • Underwater repairs to ships, barges and other floating industrial installations;
  • Technical inspections of the body of the ship, installations, docks
  • Underwater construction works and assembly
  • Search operations, rescue, retrieve persons / objects from the submarine environment
  • Inspection operations and cleaning of the body of the ship

Offshore Diving Services

  • Dive and saturation services;
  • Collecting and recording information related to various underwater objectives: construction, installations, ecosystems, water bottom, etc;
  • Technical verification of submerged constructions, hydromechanical and hydrotechnical equipment and installations
  • Inspections and works with ROV equipment;
  • Marine engineering works;
  • Underwater mounting of pipes and cables;
  • Non-destructive control of offshore vessels and marine structures with internationally qualified NDT operators;
  • Demounting and eliminating offshore structures and facilities;
  • Repairs and maintenance for pipeline systems in the underwater environment;
  • Underwater cutting and replacing of anodes;
  • Supply of diving personnel with IMCA certification;
  • Underwater Welding;
  • Underwater cutting using hydraulic systems;
  • Project management and consultancy for underwater projects;
  • NDT procedures
  • Engineering and operating procedures / manuals
  • Market surveys and feasibility studies

The underwater services we performed are recognized as performing, by all our collaborators, which obliges us to continuously raise their quality level.